Pixi Beauty Review


Hello There, my lovely readers!

I am sorry if I haven’t been around for a while, I missed you!
But don’t worry, I am back now and ready to write!

Today I prepared a review on three products I tried from the brand ‘Pixi’. I decided to go for three items that were not in the Bestsellers’ list because I wanted to try something that was not already known and loved by the rest of the World.

So here we go with the first item which is the ‘Mini Glow Mud Mask’; it retails for £6 and you get 15ml of product, (the full size is 45ml and it costs £18.00).
It is a black clay mask that has got Aloe Vera, ginseng and mineral-rich mud and it’s meant to deep clean the pores and energise the skin in 15 minutes.
The consistency is very light and bubbly as soon as it comes out of the green tube; it also spreads very easily on the skin and it smells nice, which is always a bonus!
The mask had a tingly feeling for the first few minutes which is bearable and not uncomfortable and it left my skin feeling very soft and smooth…I couldn’t stop touching my face! I do recommend this product.



The second item I tried is the ‘24k Eye Elixir’ which is 10ml and retails for £22. You can use this product day and night, you just need to roll the applicator under the eye and on the brow bone from the inner to the outer corner few times. I find the packaging very practical and easy to use, however I wasn’t blown away from the product.
The consistency is extremely light which can be pleasant for some people but I do like thicker textures. I also did not see any major difference on my under eye while using this product, therefore I would not repurchase it.



The third and last product is the ‘Overnight Glow Serum’ which is 30ml and it costs £26. This serum is meant to exfoliate and brighten the skin overnight as it contains 10% Glycolic acid, cucumber and Aloe Vera extracts and vitamins A, C and E.
To use it, you need to massage 2 or 3 drops on your cleansed skin and then apply any moisturiser on top. I liked the packaging as it was glass and the price is good for the amount of product that you get, however I personally did not like the product. It’s a thick and liquid consistency, but it is very sticky after it’s applied to the skin and it doesn’t dry quick, leaving the skin feeling quite uncomfortable.


This said, I cannot wait to try other products from this brand!
Please leave a comment to let me know if you tried any of these products or if you have any suggestions on what to try next!

As always thank you for reading and spending time on my blog!
I will see you veeeeeery soon…this time for real.

With Love,
The Beauty Cloud

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