‘Wake me up’ Rimmel foundation review


Hello there!

I hope you’re doing great!

Today I want to talk you about the foundation I am currently loving, and that is the Rimmel ‘Wake me up’ foundation.

It retails for £8.99 and you get 30ml of product in one bottle which I believe is great value!

This foundation claims to be anti-fatigue, skin brightening and it also contains vitamin C and SPF 20 which is just amazing!

You should always wear SPF on your skin, even on cloudy days, as it will protect you  from the UV rays that could damage your skin cell. So the fact that this foundation already contains SPF is a big, big plus.

I am in love with this foundation because it gives the skin a very healthy, radiant glow without looking sweaty or oily. Even after setting it, the finish is flawless, smooth and it lasts many hours on my naturally oily skin!
Also, the coverage is medium but easily buildable without looking cakey.

I always thought that dewy foundations wouldn’t look good on my oily skin, however this foundation has totally changed my mind! I can’t get enough of that ‘glow from within’ kinda look!

As always, thank you very much for visiting my blog, I will see you veeeeeery soon!

Oh, and if you have any recommendations, please feel free to share them!
With Love,

The Beauty Cloud

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