March Favourites

Hello There!

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

Today I am going to talk you through some products I’ve been loving throughout the whole month of March.

The first product is the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water.
IMG_0609.jpgI use this to remove my makeup at the end of the day. I only put a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe it on my face and eyes. It is very gentle on the skin and it doesn’t sting my eyes at all, which is a great plus. Also, it has got a nice, delicate smell..  I couldn’t recommend this enough!

The second product is the Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser.

IMG_0613.jpgThis product is for oily and combination skin and it is a soap-free cleanser. It comes in a gel form and it transforms into foam when it gets in contact with water. It smells lovely and it is so gentle on the skin! After using it my skin feels very moisturised, plumped and extremely clean without feeling dry or too tight.

Another product worth mentioning is my Skinny Dip makeup bag.
IMG_0623.jpgI got it as a present and I have been using it ever since! It has got the cutest design I’ve ever seen, it is the perfect size for all my makeup and the material is resistant but very soft at the same time, so that it can fit in all my bags… I love it!

The next product I want to mention is the Umberto Giannini ‘Heat activated straightening balm’.


I honestly love this product! I put two pumps on my washed, towel dried hair and then I comb it once applied, to spread the product through out the whole hair length. Not only does this product protect the hair from the heat, but it also makes it smooth, shiny and extremely easy to straighten.

Then we have the NYX Matte Finish setting spray.


I love this setting spray because it makes my makeup look flawless! It has got a matte finish, however it is very soft and natural looking. I take it with me wherever I go to set and refresh my makeup throughout the day. With this I always look fresh!


Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you liked this post!

I will see you veeeeeery soon!

With Love,

The Beauty Cloud

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